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Participant Images Online – Policy

Digital images (photos/video clips) taken during Nexus Volleyball Inc. events and programs may be posted to our nexusvolleyball.com website, Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. Names or other personal identification of student participants will not be used.

Images taken during NEXUS events and programs

NEXUS Volleyball Inc. may arrange for a photographer/videographer to take photos and video clips during our events and programs.

These images focus upon:

  1. Instructional activities (coaching, drills)
  2. Action shots, candids
  3. Mock tournament game play
  4. Posed group photos of the teams with their coaches

We may select some of these images to feature on our nexusvolleyball.com website, Facebook page and/or Instagram page. As stated in our Policy above, names or other identifying information of our student participants will not be used. If you prefer that images of your child not appear on our website or social media platforms, we have prepared an Opt-Out form on this page for you to download, print out, fill in, and bring to the Clinic.

Please read the form carefully as it explains how NEXUS Volleyball Inc. will do its best to meet your wishes.

Please note: NEXUS Volleyball Inc. is not responsible for digital images taken by phones or cameras of attendees at our events, or members of the public.

Thank you.

Geoff Trentham

Founder, Nexus Volleyball Inc.