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The NEXUS Story

What began in early 2018 as an idea for a two-day summer volleyball camp is now a small business, NEXUS Volleyball Inc., offering year-round personal coaching and small-group clinics that fill up almost faster than they can be announced on the NEXUS Volleyball website.

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NEXUS Start-up

The original idea was to run a big end-of-summer clinic for students in grades 7-12 to prepare them for school tryouts. It would be different from anything else offered in the Red Deer area. If the event was a success it would launch NEXUS Volleyball as a business and hopefully create demand for more offerings.

By April of 2018, NEXUS Volleyball had its own website, Facebook page and Instagram account.

NEXUS Volleyball networked in the real world, too. The two-day summer clinic was promoted at every opportunity. Before schools closed for the summer, a series of presentations were made to coaches and students at all the Red Deer high schools and volleyball clubs. As face-to-face connections increased, the website saw more and more traffic – and registration numbers climbed.

The NEXUS Volleyball inaugural two-day event, School Tryouts Prep Clinic, was held on the first weekend of September 2018. 94 exuberant young athletes and 13 stellar coaches from the Red Deer area participated. It was a great success. Parents and athletes immediately requested more clinics, and many inquired about personal coaching.

NEXUS Volleyball was launched.


The NEXUS Volleyball vision is to connect enthusiastic young athletes with talented and inspiring coaches. NEXUS Volleyball recruits outstanding coaches from the local area to give it a distinctive “Red Deer Volleyball” feel. Most are Red Deer natives who have grown up playing school and club volleyball. Others come to play for Red Deer College (now Red Deer Polytechnic) and stay in the area. All are active in the Red Deer volleyball scene. These amazing coaches are at the heart of delivering quality coaching experiences to young athletes.

NEXUS Volleyball markets within an “evergreen” recreational niche where there are always new young people discovering volleyball. It operates independently of any school system or club, but maintains close alliances with all of these groups, offering clinics designed to enhance athlete performance during the school and club volleyball seasons.

The NEXUS Website serves as Information Central – advertising events, taking registrations and connecting visitors to our social media platforms. The NEXUS Galleries are the best place to see all the pictures and videos from past clinics and events.

Geoff Trentham is the founder and passion behind NEXUS Volleyball Inc., an entrepreneurial venture offering clinics and personal coaching to athletes in grades 4-12. In 2020 Geoff graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Red Deer Polytechnic Donald School of Business.

Geoff was born and raised in Red Deer where he played competitive volleyball throughout junior and senior high school, and in the club system from ages 10-17. After graduating from Notre Dame High School in 2010, Geoff was recruited as a setter for The Medicine Hat College Rattlers.

Geoff considers himself lucky to have played competitive volleyball for so many years and to then discover his aptitude for coaching – a way to share his passion for the sport with promising young athletes. But Geoff has also been drawn to a career in business. Once he enrolled in the BBA program, finding a way to connect his two major interests was never far from his mind. Geoff holds himself to the highest standards in his coaching and his business. Launching a business while also working on the BBA degree presents unique opportunities to connect classroom theory to the operation of NEXUS Volleyball in the real world.

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